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  1. Hi David-
    I really like the information on your blog and would love to interview you for an article on anger management during a custody battle. It is one of a series of articles on anger management in general (also ones on conflict resolution in the workplace, college, etc).
    Mind if I email you about 4-5 ques on this subject? We would then credit you and provide a link to your site in the post and for our outreach.
    Jodi Bakken
    community outreach consultant

  2. Interesting write up on hyperthymia. Looking at a list of 20 factors I am batting 1.000. It was also interesting that Chris Aiken, MD missed the obvious counter-temperament, “irritable or skeptical” temperament. He was close but did’t notice when you add stress hormones to the hyperthymic temperament you swing the other direction into the skeptical / protective mode. It is not similar to bi-polar disorder in that there is never a depressive episode. Interesting that the hyperthymia and hypomania have similar characteristics. Likely, they both are a function of dopamine fluctuations, but in slightly different but distinct regions of the brain. Perhaps one set of ganglia feeds into the other which is why bi-polar is debilitating, but hyperthymia is functional.

  3. My name is Yeshua Espaillat, and though I’m unsure if the term is offensive to others or not, but I have high-functioning autism, and after reading your hyperthymia research (in a British voice for reasons I don’t think I understand) I’m more than certain I may be able to assist in furthering scientific understanding and recognition of the genome. Problem is, I’m broke, unemployed, and in Florida, because irony. Is there any way I can help?

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Sorry to hear about your situation. Te most important thing you can do at this point is take care of yourself and work on improving your life. Hope to hear from you again in the future and lets hope it is the story of how you overcame your challenges in spite of all the obstacles.

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