Counseling helps the small business person

Don’t neglect the emotional side of your small business.

Being in business for yourself today is as difficult as ever. Makes sure you don’t neglect the role emotions, yours, your employees, your families and your customers, play in making your business successful.

You can spend money on advertising and marketing but if your work leaves you drained and depressed you won’t be at your best and your business won’t reach its full potential.

The majority of personnel problems many companies faces in the workplace have their origins at home. An employee who just had a major fight with a spouse and is worried about their relationship is not going to produce at peak performance. Neither will the boss.

Large and medium size companies have learned that the money spent on an Employee Assistance Program is a sound investment in keeping employees emotionally healthy and productive. Small business owners are just beginning to learn that money spent on counseling and coaching for the owner and his family is a sound business investment also.

Strategic planning for your business should include not just the production and the marketing plans but the emotional costs and benefits. Is this really the company you want to build? Or have you gotten trapped in a treadmill trying to keep more and more activates going without looking at what your real personal and business goals are?

Is your time at work stressing you out? Do you take your work home so much that you are sacrificing your relationships to make your company grow? Is all that effort really moving you towards your long term goals and are those goals consistent with your values?

Recently there has been an increase in business owners who come for counseling or coaching sessions recognizing that to perform best at their work they need to be clear on their values and goals. It is important to learn the skills needed to manage the manager’s stress.

If you have begun to think that your business can’t function and grow without taking over your outside-of-work life then it is time to seek professional help for personal growth, problem solving and learning additional life skills.

If you have problems at home with your relationship or children don’t use work as a way to avoid facing those problems. Solving those problems, improving family communication will make you a more effective family member and a more effective business manager.

Going to work in a bad mood can result in a manager who is curt and rude with customers and staff. Make sure you spend as much time and effort on nurturing your mental health as you do in maintain your psychical health.

There are more ways to measure success than by the bank balance. But from the experience of those I have worked with in my practice, happy business owners who are excited to go to work every day, have more profitable businesses.

Is your work life taking an emotional toll on you? Could you use some help in sorting out your goals and activities and becoming more productive and happy. Would learning some stress reduction improve you life’s performance?

You don’t need to wait until after the emotional breakdown to look for a counselor you can work with. A little preventative maintenance for your emotional health goes a long way toward making your business more profitable and your life in and out of work happy.

If you have questions about how counseling or coaching services might be able to help you and your company, please contact me.

David Miller, LMFT, LPCC

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    • Great comment. You have described the problem well. In the beginning of life we do a lot of things because we think we “should” and latter start to wonder if we “really wanted to.” Business people spend a lot of time planning and budgeting for marketing and production but they have trouble stepping back and looking at how what they are doing will affect their quality of life. Counselors and coaches have some exercises they can help clients do to set life and emotional goals in the same way they set business goals. A happy, emotionally stable, manager is more effective. That make more money spend more trap effects people at all financial levels and it affects business. Savings and reserves need to be designed into your life from the beginning or you will find there is nothing left from your efforts. Accountants can help set budgets but values and life goals are the area we counselors work in.

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