Frequently Asked Questions

How long does counseling take?

How long you will be in therapy depends on the nature of your problem. In the first session we will talk about what you would like to accomplish in counseling, the financial and legal stuff. Together we will develop a plan for your counseling program. Typical sessions last 50 minutes and are scheduled once a week. Some clients prefer to come more often and some prefer to see us every two weeks.

How much does it cost?

Our standard rate is $100.00 per session. Payment is normally made at the time of appointment unless we have made other arraignments beforehand. Group sessions classes or trainings are priced separately. Please ask about these options if that is of interest to you. 

Do you take insurance?

We are on some insurance panels and EAP plans at this time. Panels and copays change frequently so please check with your insurance company before your first appointment if you plan to use your insurance. Some insurance companies allow you to pick your counselor, pay for the service and submit a form called a super bill for reimbursement. Some companies limit your number of visits, cover only certain diagnosis, have deductibles or limit you to a few providers on your panel. We will work with you if you chose to use your insurance. If you have a plan that does not cover our services please consider talking with us about cash pay or reduced fee plans.

Is counseling confidential?

Generally counseling is confidential. There are certain serious things that we must report in order to keep people safe. If you are suicidal or planning to kill someone we are required to report that. We must also report child or elder abuse. If you have questions about what we keep confidential and what we are required to report we can cover these at your first session.   

When can I get an appointment?

We offer day, evening and some weekend appointments. Please call or contact us for current available appointments. There is an email contact us form under the contact us button on this page.

What is the difference between a Therapist, Counselor and a Life Coach?

Therapists usually work on long term and serious issues such as Persistent mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. Counselors more often work on solving more focused problems such as job loss or unemployment. Life coaches do not work on any diagnosable illness or problem but they help their clients develop their long term potential such as self-improvement. Sometimes the distinctions are a little blurry depending on the laws of the state you are in. At counselorfresno we are licensed or certified to do all three services. Our Therapy practice at counselingfresno is limited to the local California area. Classes, trainings and coaching may be available in other locations.

For other questions please email us.

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