David Miller LMFT, LPCC

You can’t sleep; maybe you wake up during the night. Lately you know you are not eating right. Some days you wonder how you will get through it all. Maybe you are drinking more than before or doing drugs, or other bad habits have returned. Maybe your partner is abusing alcohol or drugs. You may cry a lot. You may not be able to feel anymore.

Maybe you have lost a job, a home or your finances are in shambles. It could be that your relationship is falling apart. Sometimes the relationship is over; there is a court battle, a custody dispute. Your life is changing in ways you never expected.

For some of you it is your children. You don’t know them anymore. They act defiant, grades drop do drugs or have friends you can’t stand. You wonder want happened to the child you used to make you so proud. Maybe you are facing this challenge alone; maybe you can’t talk to your partner about things any more. 

You know you are not crazy. But you wish there was someone you could talk to, someone who could understand what you are going thorough, someone who could help. Someone who could help you figure out what to do, how to put your life back together again.

Helping you over come life’s difficulties, bouncing back from challenges, that is what counseling is all about.

If now is that time, you know there is something you need to face, a choice to make or a way out of the confusion we are here to help.

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David Miller, LMFT, LPCC

Counseling Fresno