Suggested Resources

The people or organizations that are listed here are ones I know personally or who have a good reputation. If you are not listed here, meet my criteria for a listing and would like to be listed please listed email me.

First you will find the local Fresno Area resources and later on the national and international sites. This is a work in progress – so more to come

National and International Websites and Blogs

Alcoholism Awareness Counsel    Latest statistic and research on Alcohol use and abuse.



David Miller, LMFT, LPCC  Blog

Wendy Brox, LMFT

Suicide Hotline                          1-800-273-8255  

Substance Use and Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous                    (559) 221-6907

Providers contracted with Fresno County  

Detox & Residential treatment  C.A.P.                                

Medical and urgent mental health care

Urgent Care Wellness Center                                  (559)  600-9171

Fresno County Access Line                                    (800) 453-4894

CCAIR      Children’s Crisis    (under 18)                (559) 600-6760

Peer and family

Blue Sky Wellness Center      (Peer staffed)          (559) 230-2501


National Alliance for the Mentally Ill  Fresno      (559) 224-2469

Foster Family Agency

Spectrum FFA                         

Fresno Family Counseling Center

Hard to believe I left this resource off my list. In a post to my blog (link to the post is below)

I had written about sources of low-cost counseling services. One source is centers which are affiliated with schools, especially universities with counseling training programs. We have just such a resource here in Fresno. Many therapists in private practice will see clients on a sliding fee scale but they can only see so many partial fee clients and they can only go so low.

Fresno Family Counseling Center is an excellent program and trains students to become Marriage and Family Therapist or professional counselors.  All the trainees are supervised by professors from the Fresno State counseling program.

The embarrassing part of this is that I like so many other licensed people in this community saw clients at Fresno Family Counseling Center when I was in my Trainee days.

Fresno Family Counseling Center

3720 N. First Street

Fresno, California 93726

Phone: 559-227-1008

Central Valley Free/Low Cost Resources         211

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